Sesame Dressing

This is our first product. We received many thank-you letters from mothers around Japan saying that their children finally ate their vegetables when they used this sesame dressing.

This tasty dressing can be eaten with peace of mind. It is made from ingredients carefully selected by our producers. The blending ratio for this dressing is considered perfect on the 71st attempt. It has a rich and mild flavor, and can be used as salad dressings, sesame sauce, and "cold Shabu-shabu" sauce. It may also be used on various kinds of dishes.

Our carefully selected ingredients include: Sei-agri Healthy Eggs (only the yolk has been used), high grade sesame, cottonseed oil, apple cider vinegar, sugar, naturally brewed soy sauce,... etc.

Soy Sauce Dressing 300ml

The "naturally brewed (whole soy bean) soy sauce" we use was slowly fermented and matured over two summers, while our "pure black rice vinegar" is made from brown rice left to ferment over a long period of time.

A moderate amount of oil is used, comprising approximately 7% of the dressing. In addition to this, fully ripened kiwi fruits are used in favor of artificial thickeners. Please try to use it for salad dressings, fried chicken sauce, or seasoning for marinated vegetables... etc.
Soy Sauce Dressing

Fat-free Plum Dressing 180ml

This non-oil healthy dressing uses high quality plum as its base and is mixed with apple,orange, plum vinegar and rice vinegar. This flavor matches octopus and seaweed salad,tempura, and Hamo-otoshi (pike conger) very well.
Plum Dressing (fat-free)

Fat-free Japanese Style Dressing 180ml

This non-oil Japanese-style Dressing uses Rishiri Konbu as its base and uses soy sauce made from organic soy beans. This dressing's thickness comes from konbu's nutrition.
Japanese Style Dressing (fat-free)

Caesar Salad Dressing 150ml

This dressing was made using Parmesan Cheese and Anchovy . You can make Ceasar salad by mixing powdered cheese, garlic croutons, and salad in a bowl and apply the dressing to the salad.

Kyo-yasai Dressing (Manganji Pepper) 180ml

Manganji Pepper is a very delicious Kyo-yasai with slightly thickened pulp. It is not spicy at all. We pickle fully ripened Manganji Pepper in-house with our own non-additive pickling sauce. Then, we mix it with our Sei-agri Mayonnaise, and add yuzu and cheese to make this thickened dressing.

Kyo-yasai Dressing (Kujyo Negi) 180ml

Kujyo Negi (green onion), sweet in its taste, is one of the representative Kyo-yasai during Winter. We use a lot of Kujyo negi from contracted farmers in this dressing. This dressing matches Japanese salad that uses white radish well. The flavor also matches BBQ, shabu-shabu, and steamed meat very well.

Black Vinegar Dressing 180ml

This healthy dressing uses black vinegar that was matured in Yoshino Cedar vats. The mellow taste and viscosity was created by the six types of seaweed (Mekabu, Funori, Aosa, Wakame, Nori, Mozuku) which makes the dressing more delicious. The flavor matches pork, chicken, cold meat salad, and fried food well.
Black Vinegar Dressing