What is Sei-agri Healthy Egg?


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Sei-agri System is a Noto Peninsula based egg farm founded in 1957. With the belief of "healthy hens lay healthy eggs", they have use the most natural way to keep the hens healthy and kept a on-going record of Salmonella-free since the company was founded.

The hens in Sei-agri System are fed with additive-free feed which is composed of corn, fish powder, soy bean, pasture, oyster shell, and other natural ingredients. The special feed is able to keep the hens strong and healthy. Also, no growth hormone or antibiotics has been used on the hens.

Sei-agri chicken pen
Clean pen and healthy chickens

Sei-agri System farms are always kept clean so Salmonella and other pathogens does not exists. The secret lies within the "all-in, all-out" system. Baby chicks are breed in-house for 120 days then transferred to the pen as a group for "all-in". After 15 months of egg-laying, the pen will be cleared as "all-out".

The pen will rest for one month before the next group of hens arrive. During the period, the pen will be cleaned and disinfected to ensure the next group of hens have a healthy and clean environment. Only this "All-in, all-out" system can ensure the hens are in healthy condition so they can lay healthy eggs.

Fresh egg with plump yolk
Only fresh eggs have plump yolk

Normally, companies will save cost by separating the yolk and white at the farm, and transfer them under frozen state with only what they needed. We insist to have the eggs at the freshest state, so we cut open the eggs right before production and separate the yolk and white on site. We use only the yolks for production and the fresh whites are sold to a cake shop to make delicious cakes.

The followings are the products with Sei-agri Healthy Eggs used:

Sesame Dressing label
Sei-agri Mayonnaise label
Caesar Salad Dressing label
Tartar Sauce label
Black Vinegar Mayonnaise label
Sesame Dressing S