About Us

We aim to make delicious food and bring health and happiness to everyone.
The products were made from carefully chosen ingredients,
with the blend of old Japanese wisdom and modern technology.
We think our products can help family and friends get together.

[Three Basic Concepts of U-SIDE]

1. Deliciousness.
First of all, our products have to be delicious.
We strive to bring out the flavor of the ingredients and
use the natural flavors to create "deliciousness".

2. Safeness.
Next, our products have to be eaten with peace of mind.
We avoid the use of additives as much as possible although using it may
lower the cost, make them easier to make and more preservable.
Food safeness is one of our priorities.

3. Sincerity.
Last, we are sincere.
With deliciousness and safeness added to old-time wisdom and passion,
what we create is the expression of extreme deliciousness
which cannot be expressed by words.

Our insist for the 3 fundamentals:
[ingredients] [process] [storage]
is what makes our product special. 

[ Ingredients ]   We make sure the breeding/planting methods are as close as possible to natural so our products holds the most natural taste.
[ Process ]   We check every step in the process and make sure that our product keeps its nutrition values and can be eaten with peace of mind
[ Storage ]   We constantly check the materials used in packaging to make sure our products are safe to be eaten.